Our Arleta magnetic lash give you the most natural lash look with a touch of glam. This style was created to boost your lash-look game with criss-crossed layered lashes for a naturally gorgeous look that’s wearable for everyday.


Length: 11mm





Baldwin serves a killer cat eye, and has a very natural length, perfect for a touch of glam! She's flirty with a touch of drama, and will be your go-to for days to come!  


Length: 13mm



Versatile and lightweight, the Beachwood Lash is a breezy round lash with alternating lengths that creates a more-awake eye to recharge your look. Perfect for natural lash lovers.


Length: 8-12mm



The Chatsworth Lash adds just the right amount of drama to get you looking your best. It is a round lash with slightly criss-cross fibers and separation between the lashes that will give your eyes the innocent, flirty, and youthful classic young Hollywood star look.


Length: 8-13mm




Be ready for your closeup with our stunning Edendale lashes! High volume crisscrossed lashes that combine length and curl to bring out boldest makeup looks. Opens eyes with dramatic volume and shape.


Length: 10-16mm



The Fairfax Lash is the subtle sexy glam you can use for everyday wear and still look like a natural beauty. Perfect for natural lash lovers looking for a little flirt, it has a subtle cat-eye effect to create an illusion of more almond eyes, long enough to be seen from across the room, and light enough to wear all day with no discomfort whatsoever! 


Length: 6-12mm




Our original Hermon style transforms your eyes in seconds with ultra-wispy, layered and feathered out lashes. Lightweight and comfortable to wear. Perfect for a night out or just because you can.


Length: 8-13mm



Medium-high wispy volume, evening style lashes creates a cat-eye look that accentuates length and drama. Feathery ends create a soft but glamorous look. A beautiful addition to a smoky eye. Multiple lash lengths. 


Length: 6-13mm




Dangerously sexy, bold, and 1000% fierce. We created the ultimate mood provoking magnetic lash with serious volume and length. Comfortable and lightweight with an easy-on application, giving you a lash look so powerful it should be criminal. 


Length: 7-18mm


All our lashes are trimmable and last over 30 uses! There's no glue to clump up on the band given it's properly cared for. Simply clean the magnets with a q-tip soaked in oil in between uses to care for your lashes and keep in our special case for safe-keeping. Suitable for any girl on the go who doesn't want to waste time on messy glue!