FlashLash Lash Applicator

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Applying our magnetic lashes is already pretty easy — our lash applicator just makes it even quicker and way more precise. One of the most essential lash accessories, they're here to amp-up your make-up routine.

A real vanity-table essential, this lash applicator is designed especially for applying our magnetic lashes. The rounded tips delicately hold the lashes and has a shape which curves just like your eyelids. It only takes one quick stamping motion to place your magnetic lashes right where you want them. You can use the applicator to move them into position, too. Comes in a gorgeous rose gold color.

Our magnetic lashes are made from super soft fibers, so it's best to handle them as little as possible to keep them looking gorgeous. That's where this lash applicator comes in. It's gentle and precise enough to grasp the lashes from their case, and lets you avoid getting make-up or finger oils on them. You can even use them right after a manicure when the polish is still a little wet. Speaking of which, they're perfect for people with long nails. With their blunt tips, they're super safe for use around your eyes.